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MatTAP: Matlab Timing Analysis Package

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© 2007-2010. School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK.

Written by Mark T. Elliott & Dagmar S. Fraser.


MatTAP is a MATLAB toolbox especially designed for implementation and analysis of sensorimotor synchronisation experiments. 

It is a GUI driven tool which can produce accurate (sub-millisecond error) auditory metronome beats through a data acquisition card, such as National Instruments or a sound card (tone output only).  The toolbox accurately records participants' finger tap or other movement responses aligned with metronome events enabling accurate calculation of Asynchrony and Inter-response interval statistics.

The tool can generate up to two independent auditory metronomes, which are fully adjustable – ISI, tone frequency, tone duration, synchronisation period, continuation period, jitter and phase shift.

 A built in file manager saves the captured raw data files as separate sequential .mat files in a pre-determined directory structure, enabling easy post-processing and analysis of the experimental data.




  • Matlab - Tested on versions 7.0 onwards (i.e. 2006a, 2006b, 2007a).
  • Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox.
  •  Data acquisition card compatible with Matlab DA Toolbox, with minimum of two analogue output channels and two analogue input channels.
  • Some knowledge of Matlab – will you allow you to use the tool with full flexibility. For example, implement different event detection algorithms etc.



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